Prior to any corrective action, the object in question begins with an examination of the painted surface or varnish layer.

Analytical tests can be undertaken using X-ray detraction, X-ray radiography on fragment samples, or with a chemical, depending on which method is appropriate. This procedure enables us to determine the correct approach for cleaning, treatment and varnish removal.

It is possible to treat all painted surfaces by tailoring the correct solvents that target specific chemical dirt deposits and varnish layers. A dry non-invasive method using laser is also an alternative for extremely fragile fugitive surfaces.

Laser treatment may also be used successfully on scuplture, marble and stone.


List of Procedures

  • Analysis of pigment
  • X ray diffraction and radiography of paint layers
  • Stabilisation and consolidation of micro pores and fissures
  • Reinstating pigment losses with reversible materials
  • Relining disintegrating and extensively torn canvas (e.g. laminating a support linen onto an unstable or frayed canvas)
  • Varnish removal on painted surfaces
  • Grime removal on painted surfaces
  • Laser treatment on painted and non-painted surfaces
  • Complete documentation
  • Oil and water gilding on any surface
  • Watercolour conservation
  • Secondary services include laser marble and alabaster cleaning